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A Guide to Finding and Hiring the Best Contractors

Nov 10

A Guide to Finding and Hiring the Best Contractors

No matter your skill level, if you are planning to take on a project that requires hiring an outside contractor, it is essential that you become educated on what to look for when searching for the best one. Building up your knowledge about different ways of screening contractors will allow you to pinpoint the right person for the job. But there are also some red flags that can help recognize an unfocused or unreliable contractor along with important factors to consider before making your final selection.

What Questions to Ask When Interviewing Contractors?

It's absolutely necessary that you have a list of questions prepared ahead of time so you don't forget anything critical later on. Your goal during this interview should be to understand the contractor's experience, qualifications, and skills.

You'll also want to ask about his insurance coverage as well as a list of past clients for your reference. Some important tips include: 1) Avoid contractors who have been out of business for more than three years or those with limited experience. 2) Make sure he is familiar with all aspects of the job, not just limited to what you need to be done. 3) Hiring a contractor within your own community can help save time and money on travel expenses. 4) Before selecting a contractor, contact references to verify that they were satisfied with their work – or lack thereof – and that they were treated fairly by the end of the job.

What to Expect When Checking References

Insist on seeing photos of past projects and ask about any problems or accidents. It is also helpful to find out how the contractor resolved these issues and what type of tools he used – including safety equipment – during his work. If possible, meet with at least one reference in person along with the contractor for a more effective endorsement.

Getting Quotes and Contracts from Contractors

Always get written quotes in addition to requesting references; however, make sure you understand all costs quoted by contractors before signing any documents. A well-written contract should indicate who will be responsible for the cost of materials, milestones (i.e., completion dates), and penalties if either party fails to meet their respective responsibilities under this document. It's also recommended to seek legal counsel before signing any contract because this document should function as a guarantee that the contractor will complete his end of the job.