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Can the warranty on a roofing roof be transferable? A Comprehensive Discussion

Apr 18


As mentioned earlier, the warranty contract is a prerequisite to transfer the roof warranty to an individual owner.

Transferable warrants typically require strict guidelines to ensure the transfer is done right.


In some instances, there is a cost that is incurred when the warranty is transferred from the original owner to the new owner.


There are a variety of warranty transfer methods that vary from one manufacturer to the next, and even among product ranges. The performance of a transfer depends on whether it is completed within the specified period of time after the house has been sold.


Did You Know? Many roofing companies offer a transferable guarantee to their customers for all of their shingle products. Roofing company treesdale pa will help you understand the subject very carefully.


Transferring a roof warranty

The following important details about a transfer should be noted:


Many warranties are transferable only once. Therefore, in this case only the second owner of the roofing product can take advantage of the roofing warranty. The warranty is not transferable to any other owner.

Certain manufacturers will charge you a fee for the transfer of warranty.

Certain parts' warranty coverage can be reduced depending on the date of the roof at the time it was put up.

Let's take a look at a hypothetical scenario using shingles in order to understand the concept of warranty transfer. Be aware that each manufacturer is unique, so this scenario only explains what you would perform in the event of a roofing warranty.


For this example, let's begin by selling a single-family detached home by the homeowner who built it you. Congrats! You are now the new owner. This scenario you can better talk to a treedale pa roofer.


It's good news for you that the home you just bought had shingle products installed over the roof, all of which were covered by the Standard Product Limited Warranty.


Three points are important to consider when you transfer an insurance policy.


Deadlines. Within 60 days of closing you must provide all required documents and a transfer request.

Ownership history. Most often, you can get proof of ownership on the county's website. Other acceptable documents include:

A copy of the deed

Closing documents that show the name of the previous owner and the new owner, as well dates of property's transfer.

The date of installation as well as the evidence of purchase. You must know when the shingles were fitted because the applicable warranty is dependent on the date of installation.

It is possible that the seller retained the original warranty documentation and/or contract agreements. You may need to contact the contractor responsible for installation to obtain an original copy of the contract.


If you've got the required information, contact roofing contractors pittsburgh or submit the form online within 60 days after the closing of the real property transaction.


The reason for these guidelines is clear. You will need this documentation to verify that you are the second owner or fourth owner of roofing materials or shingles. and to confirm that their products were used on the roof.

How can homeowners aid in transferring warranty?

An organized record-keeping system will allow warranty transfer to be easy. When your roofing project is completed, ensure you register your warranty in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. After that, secure all necessary documentation, along with a copy of the warranty. This makes it easier for the homeowner who is moving to complete the transfer of the warranty.


What happens if the seller does not have the warranty paperwork?

It's possible to transfer a warranty when you purchase a home where the previous owner failed to keep accurate information. To verify your purchase, it is best to contact the seller or contractor. You'll also need to provide the date and the year that the roofing shingles were put in.


If all attempts to locate this information have been exhausted, contact Steadfast Roofing to discuss other possibilities. This must be done within 60 calendar days from closing the real estate transaction.


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